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A Time-Out Strategy for Feedback That Motivates Learning

A Time-Out Strategy for Feedback That Motivates Learning By Cristine Sato LaMontagne   Providing immediate feedback during class allows dynamic learning to occur in real time. Here is one strategy teachers can use to address student needs immediately. The 5-Minute Time-Out Strategy During individual or collaborative work time, walk around with a clipboard for about…

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Coaching the Resistant Teacher: Intentional Goal Setting

Coaching the Resistant Teacher: Intentional Goal Setting By Cristine LaMontagne, Ed.D New or veteran, when teachers don’t necessarily want to work with you, it’s difficult to be positive and productive. It’s worse when both of you feel like you’re wasting time. This is why goal setting is so important and can drastically change the impact…

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What a Freshman Really Thought of Growth Mindset

My students had just finished a two-week unit on learning theory and growth mindset.  Here is one powerful reflection from a young lady who became invested in not only her own learning, but in her classmates’ learning as well. She became a major player in a classroom where collaboration truly did create champions.   Reflections…

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Lesson Plan Time in for Productive Struggle

Lesson Plan Time in for Productive Struggle By Cristine LaMontagne, Ed.D   How does one teacher help 36 students effectively? Well, let’s be honest– it’s really difficult. But having six teachers in a classroom drastically changes the game for our struggling students.   After teaching my students the Gradual Release of Responsibility by Fisher and…

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8 A-HA Moments about Learning from Struggling Students

Transformation: 8 A-Ha Moments about Learning from Struggling High School Students By Cristine LaMontagne, Ed.D *All student names are pseudonyms.   For years, my kids were seen as “the slow ones”, “the disruptive ones”, or “the lazy ones.” In 2007, I was given a remedial English elective course called English Support, which was supposed to…

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Student Playbook

Are you a high school student struggling with school? Come on in and check out a few key teaching strategies your teachers probably use in the classroom.

These are not study tips.

The Student Playbook will help you understand how people learn and why teachers make the choices they do. 

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